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Sports Injury

Whatever the game, as an athlete you know the strain competition can place upon your body. Whether playing for fun, going the extra mile to win, or just training to stay in shape all have their risks. Muscles grow when you work them because they develop micro tears and heal stronger. We have all felt soreness the day after a hard workout and this is where your our doctors can help you heal faster and complete harder.

The benefits of having a skilled Chiropractor start with injury prevention. By keeping your spine aligned and relieving muscle tension you are looser, and better balanced. This allows your body to act, and react faster both in and out of the game. Less stress is placed upon your body, and without the tension slowing you down your performance is improved. In some sports you take hits, and in those cases being relaxed and aligned minimize the risks to damage. This gets you back in the game faster, and with less recovery time after the game. This can be especially vital in the days after the game for restoring you back to full mobility.

What should I expect from my initial visits?
For your initial visit your Chiropractor will start with a structural examination of your body. By examining your posture, your mobility, and doing a thorough examination of your joints, tendons, ligaments, extremities, and back we can develop a treatment plan individualized for you. Whether you need a single visit to speed recovery after an especially rough game, or are looking to see us more regularly to prevent injuries, we can help.

Once we have identified your trouble areas we may employ a variety of techniques. Spinal manipulation is what most people think of what they think of a chiropractor. This is where we use targeted manual impulses to release pressure in joints and restore natural muscle alignment. For patients that require a gentler approach we have a variety of spinal mobilization techniques that utilize tools or simple stretches to restore natural mobility with minimal pressure. Our doctors also speacialize in soft-tissue therapies such as Active Release Technique™, ConnecTX Instrument-Assisted Technique™, and RockTape Kineseology™ (muscle) Taping.

Why should I see a Sports Chiropractor?
Sports Chiropractors are a highly skilled subset of your general Chiropractors and are specially trained in sports medicine. If you are an athlete, or just an active person who is looking to experience all the benefits of regular Chiropractic treatment make sure you select a Chiropractor who specializes in sports medicine. By employing targeted techniques that have been developed over years to benefit athletes from the ameteur to the professional level, a skilled Sports Chiropractor keeps your performing better, healing faster, and helps prevent game ending injuries.


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