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Back Injuries

Lower back pain is very common, especially in people with active lifestyle or as we get older. Your lower back works hard to support your upper body and can be affected by a wide variety of medical conditions. Whether your lower back pain is a recurring condition based on an old injury or you pushed yourself just a little too hard at the gym a long term relationship with a skilled Chiropractor has long term effects on your quality of life.

The benefits of having a skilled Chiropractor start with injury prevention. By keeping your spine aligned and relieving tension you are looser, and better balanced. This allows your body to act, and react faster. This makes you feel like you have more energy and prevents you from feeling sluggish. This causes less stress to be placed upon your body during your daily routine. This can be vital in the event of injury. Proper spinal alignment and reduced tension can help prevent injury from unexpected falls or impacts. Additionally restoring full joint mobility early can decrease the chances of long term damage.

What should I expect from my initial visits?
For your initial visit your Chiropractor will start with a structural examination of your body. By examining your posture, your mobility, and doing a thorough examination of your joints, tendons, ligaments, extremities, and back we can develop a treatment plan individualized for you. Whether you need a single visit to relieve lower back pain, or are looking to see us more regularly to prevent chronic back pain from occurring, we can help. In certain cases, our doctors may choose to refer out for additional testing such as MRI or X-ray or another specialist such as an orthopedic doctor. Common back disorders treated by our chiropractors include, but are not limited to, sprain of ligaments, strain of muscle, deconditioned core muscles, disc herniations, spinal stenosis, as well as congenital anomalies such as scoliosis.

Once we have identified your trouble areas we may employ a variety of techniques. Spinal manipulation is what most people think of what they think of a chiropractor. This is where we use targeted manual impulses to release pressure in joints and restore natural muscle alignment. For patients that require a gentler approach we have a variety of spinal mobilization techniques that utilize tools or simple stretches to restore natural mobility with minimal pressure. By properly aligning your spine your Chiropractor will be able to speed recovery of your lower back, relieve tension, and set you back on the path to full mobility.


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Natural Health Chiropractic P.C.
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